Perth’s Local Vehicle Towing Specialists

September 28, 2017 2:17 pm - ,

If you live in WA’s capital city and you drive a car, ute, or a truck on a regular basis, the chances are that one day you the need to utilise a tow truck company.  Now, there are a number of reputable breakdown recovery companies in the city but today we are going to take a look at one of the best known and widely trusted: Executive Towing Services. If you have not heard of them before, they operate from a yard a few kilometers north of the CBD, in Osborne Park, and serve customers in all areas of Perth.


A Comprehensive Range of Services

Executive Towing Services provides a full range of services to individual motorists and corporate customers in the city and surrounding area. Among their most popular services are those listed below:

  • Vehicle Breakdown Recovery – As you can imagine, the emergency breakdown service is in demand throughout the year. Covering the whole Perth metro area, the firm operates a fleet of tilt-tray trucks that enable them to load and unload broken down vehicles of all types in complete safety. From performance cars with lowered suspension to 4WD, all-terrain SUVS, the trucks are capable of transporting a wide variety of stricken vehicles without causing any further damage to them during loading and unloading. While ‘Towing’ may be in the middle of their company name, transporting customers’ vehicles on tilt-tray trucks is their preferred method of operation, because it is the safest option.
  • Roadside Assistance – Delivered alongside their recovery service is roadside assistance: their friendly and experienced staff are able to address many common issues at the side of the road, if these issues can’t be rectified there and then, Executive Towing Services can tow the vehicles in question to a nearby service centre. This is a useful service for drivers who encounter annoying but non-fatal problems: batteries that go flat without warning, flat tyres, empty fuel tanks and lockouts. Many people are embarrassed to call for help when they run out of fuel or lock themselves out of their car but these are everyday occurrences and can happen to anyone.
  • Machinery Transportation – In addition to taking immobile cars and utes to local service centres, tilt-tray trucks are perfect for transporting heavy machinery that is not designed to be driven on public highways. Local businesses with forklift trucks, diggers, bobcats and EWPs that they would like to relocate to a new site find this service very useful. All of the machinery that is transported in this manner by Executive Towing Services is, of course, firmly secured in position to avoid the possibility of an unexpected unloading event occurring en route!

Many of us who live and work in Perth pay no attention to the tow trucks that pass us on the roads every day but without them, life for motorists with troublesome vehicles would be very difficult indeed.